Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello all! My name is Beanie!

Hi blogger world! Nice to meet you! My foster mom told me that I have a little homework to do. She told me that I need to write on the computer and tell the world a little bit 'bout myself. I came from Redding, near Mount Shasta, where a very nice lady noticed me at the shelter. Her name is Cindy Luzietti, and boy did she do me a big favor. She drove me 4 hours to my new home! I think I got really lucky. So I hear anyway......
I caught a really nasty cold right before I got here. (The doc called in kennel cough) But, not to worry. I have been catching up on TLC and resting lots, and lots, and lots. As you can see in my photo, I really enjoy laying in the sun. I've been here two weeks, and now I am finally feeling better! I told my mom I was feeling better by running around and playing tug in the yard. I am still a little stuffy, but sheesh!...Nothing like before. I couldn't get that frog outa my throat and those oogie boogies outa my nose! Thank goodness I am feeling better now. I also owe Dr. Morris of San Francisco Pet Hospital, for helping me feel better. He is so nice and did me such a huge favor! What a great Doc! Without him I still might be feeling a little sick.
Well, my foster mom told me that its bed time now. I promise to write soon, now that I feeling better and all.
Goodnight world.... zzz... zzz.....


  1. Hi Beanie you little beauty. Thanks to Cindy and Bad Rap and Dr. Morris and Bad Rap and foster mom for all doing the right thing for you. Enjoy because from here on you will have the good life. We look forward to your next adventure. Again. Enjoy.

  2. I noticed I posted thanks to Bad Rap twice in my previous post but that's okay. They deserve all the thanks we can give them for helping these dogs.