Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goin' to Pit Bull Education Classes

Every week I go to my obedience classes where I learn things like "sit", "down", and "stay". I always meet so many nice people and dogs, and my tail doesn't stop wagging the ENTIRE time I am there. My foster mom calls me a wiggle butt! I don't really know what that means...All I know is that I am always so happy that first my tail wags, and then my whole body wags! I just cannot control it! She told me its a good thing though; that it will always make the people around me smile.
Here are some photos of my first days at pit bull education class. My foster mom tells me I am a natural. That I am pretty and smart. I don't even know what that means, but I know that it means that more people like me and I get them to smile. How cool is that? Here are some photos of me in class, enjoying every minute. And the first picture is of me with Pit Bull Professor Tim Racer, my instructor. I cannot wait for class again next week! Gotta go and work on my homework... see you soon!


  1. GREAT picture and closeup and adorable story and more great pictures and I can just picture this beautiful cutie wiggling all over the place with unconditional love. I am sure this cutie will find a perfect home soon. Thanks to foster mom and Bad Rap and all the others helping little Beanie.

  2. You are very pretty Miss Bean!!! I hope you get your forever home soon!!