Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My foster friends

In my foster home, I learn so much about life from my canine siblings.  I have a real attachment to each and every one of them.  They welcome me and make me feel like part of the family. 
Toby is an older fella, really good looking for his age.  Don't tell anyone, but we flirt a lot.  ;)  Sometimes my mom has to separate us so that Toby isn't sore later in the day. 
Sydney is a big beautiful brindle gal that teaches me soooo much.  She is as affectionate as me.  Whenever she snuggle with my foster parents, I always come a snuggle also.  Sometimes we take naps together and othertimes we play and play and play.  I love my big sister.
And then there is Sugar.  She is close to my age and BOY do we have fun!  We do zoomies and run run run!  We have a blast together.  But, we also know how to settle down.  It is SO much fun.

My mom told me that I am "dog social" which is a convenient quality to have in a pet.  I love my life!

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